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"Outside Porta Pinciana he had a beautiful palace built in one of his Vineyards, or Gardens or Villas, however we wish to call it, in which every delight we might desire or have in this life was to be found. It was entirely adorned with beautiful antique and modern statues, fine paintings, and other precious things, including fountains, fishponds and embellishments...

This is how G. Baglione, a painter and art critic of the period, described Pope Paul V's (1605-1621) urban innovations.

One of Rome’s richest and most interesting villas, the Borghese Gallery houses a vast and diverse collection of sculptures and paintings produced by masters such as Bernini (Apollo and Daphne, David and the Rape of Proserpina), Canova (Paolina Bonaparte), CaravaggioRaphael and Titian. The Borghese Gallery is truly a magical setting in which the beauty of the artwork, fountains and monuments combine with the rich and diverse flora of the vast surrounding park. In all a true pleasure for the senses. The original sculptures and paintings in the Borghese Gallery date back to Cardinal Scipione's collection.

Your guide will lead you on a walking tour through the WONDERFUL rooms of the Borghese Gallery and reveal the stories, secrets and techniques behind the masterpieces.

Then, you will go for an exciting walk though the Borghese Gardens where you will enjoy the silence  and the beauty of this heaven park that is located in the heart of busy Rome city.

You will then reach the Pincio, a terrace from which you will enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city. It is situated on top of Piazza del Popolo, a square designed by the architect Valadier: ancient tourists entered the city using the square’s main gate, Porta del Popolo.

  • Meeting- point: Borghese museum entrance
  • Duration: 3 hours walking tour
  • Guide fee: depending on period

Borghese tickets must be previously booked online

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