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“Veni, vidi, vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered")

 Caius Iulius Caesar IV


Would you like to spend one day to discover the most important treasures of Rome

With this tour you can do it!

We will walk trough the Roman Forum, the place that once was the Centre of the Mediterranean world… we will see the Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina, the Senate and a small piece of the Arch of August, which is still in place.

All the greatest beauties are waiting for you as the Coliseum, one of the seven wonders in the World: we will visit it skipping the lines. Walking trough the Imperial Forum will be a great experience, especially when we admiring the Trajan’s Column in Venice Square. The Vittoriano or the Altar of Nation will be our best view of the main important square in the city. From here we will reach the wonderful Trevi Fountain where any time is good to make a wish and trough a coin…

A little lunch break in the Campo Marzio Area admiring the Temples of Largo di Torre Argentina where Caesar was probably assassinated.

Before going through the Tiber Bridge and visit the Holy part of the city, the Vatican, we will stop in one of the most important monument in Rome, the Pantheon. It survives as the best-preserved, most perfect major monument of the ancient world. 

The Popes do nothing on a small scale: the world’s smallest country contains the world’s largest museum, Piazza and Church (mystery of faith!).

Inside the Vatican City we will admire the Vatican Museums with their wonderful galleries, and the Sistine Chapel will definitively be a moment to be remembered... The great genius of Michelangelo painted its ceiling and altar and he gave to us the possibility to fall in love with it. 

A special shortcut will give us the chance to directly reach the inside St. Peter Basilica and admire the Pietà, the youngest sculpture of Michelangelo. Our tour will end in St. Peter square where you could see the balcony where the Pope usually blesses us!

  • Meeting- point: Coliseum metro stop station
  • Duration: 6, 5 hours walking tour
  • Guide fee: depending on period 

No lines: tickets with reservation for Coliseum&Roman Forum.

Vatican tickets must be previously booked online.

Dress code: During the summer for both women and men shoulders and knees need to be covered.

Photos and videos are allowed in the Museums and in the Basilica, NOT in the Sistine Chapel.

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