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Underground Tour - Roman Houses and St. Clemente Underground Church

This tour will start from St. Clemente church. With its four levels of buildings, shrines of two religions, artworks from the last 20 centuries, along with a subterranean street and some good old solid Roman engineering, San Clemente offers a unique history lesson about the many layers Rome has: walking through each one of these layers will be a true journey into the amazing architecture of Rome…

After the Church, which is located close to the Coliseum, we will reach the Santi Giovanni e Paolo Church.

It is an ancient basilica church in Rome, located on the Celian Hill.

The church was built in 398, by will of senator Pammachius, over the home of two Roman soldiers, John and Paul, martyred under Julian in 362. Below the Church we will visit the ancient Roman Houses, which include houses, shop and a road section, cut through the foundations of Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo and provide a fascinating insight to Roman life at the times. The rooms are full of beautiful frescoes from the 2nd – 3rd century. 

This tour is a true example of layers of Rome and you will discover a corner of the city not very tourists! Try it with me 

  • Meeting- point: Coliseum metro stop station.
  • Duration: 3 hours walking tour.
  • Guide fee: depending on period.

St. Clemente Church Underground ticket: 10 euros per adult. Buy on spot.

Photos and videos are allowed inside the church.

Roman Houses underground ticket:  8 euros per adult. Buy on spot 

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